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Body 360


Instructor: Eric S. Jones Williams

In this course students will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to assess, educate and further treat their clients. The student will utilize their toolbox of techniques/modalities as well as anatomy and physiology, which already exists, but they have not tapped into yet. This knowledge base, most therapists, new and seasoned, already obtain but tend to not utilize these philosophies and approaches due to fear, competency level, or time constraints. This course will assist the student to be able to approach their work in a 360* format. Allowing them to treat their clients as a whole and not one place of dysfunction. Just because an area has pain or discomfort, does not mean it is not coming from somewhere else, let’s get to the source.

Course Objectives

  • Students will identify their top challenges with client communication.
  • Students will identify their top challenges with client education.
  • Students will learn how to assess, educate, and treat their clients in a 360-degree approach.
  • Students will demonstrate by hands on learning, their ability to treat a client as a whole system and not one dysfunction.